Sonia Loves Happiness is the brainchild and the philosophy of Sonia and the purpose of this website. To bring to anyone and all some chillout and relaxation, whether through a concious effort to manage your own mental health through a creative outlet, or through absent-mindedly taking time out to draw, write, doodle, scribble, colour... or any other way you like. 

One of the main aims of the products brought to you by Sonia, is that they are all created by Sonia herself. Every image has been created by hand, starting as a pencil drawing and then transferred to be printed for you to enjoy in the books and journals you will find in our shop. This can give each image a certain lack of uniformity and reassurance that these were in fact hand drawn! No digital bending or magicary has be applied. These are all Sonia's work.

Sonia Loves Happiness will be bringing you a number of products to give you a small creative assist, that may end there, or may blossom into something more obsessive! Either way, we at Sonia's really hope you enjoy the range as it grows and becomes available to you.

With Love and Sparkles...



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