What are the Delivery options?

We provide multiple options for delivery depending on your geographic location. You can view the Delivery and Returns Policy to see the different delivery options available to you. At checkout, you can specify your location and the costs will be automatically added, depending on which option (Standard or Express) you choose.

What do I do if I received a defective order?

If your products are damaged in transit you can return them for a full refund. The Delivery and Returns Policy details how you can return your products and the timescales involved. If you have any queries, you can contact us using the contact form.

How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

The easiest and most effecient way to contact us is through the contact form on the home page. We aim to reply back within 48 hours.

Are the images really all hand drawn?

Yes! Sonia has hand drawn every image…every colouring image, every journal page, both the covers, everything…starting with a pencil drawing (sometimes using a ruler and a compass to make sure lines are straight and circles are…well…circular) and then over-lining, free-hand, with pen.

These are then scanned as vector images to ensure they are suitable and visible when printing. BUT…there are no changes to her drawings. No deleting, adding or tweaking at all. We do everything we can to ensure the image she puts to paper is what you see in the book.

How long does it take to draw each image?

That depends on the image. Some of the more simple line drawings can take a few hours. But the more detailed pages take the best part of a day, sometimes more, to go from a blank page, to a completed image.

Are there any more products coming out?

We are always looking at expanding the range of products we have. What is available on the website, is not all we have in mind. Our aim is to expand the Mazia line in plenty of time for Christmas purchases. More items will become available over time so keep an eye out.

Do you do requests?

Unfortunately, not right now. We are at the start of this venture so we are concentrating on putting all the ideas we have out to you. In time, we may be able to take requests, but we’ll let you know via our Facebook and Instagram feeds if and when that happens.

What does #notjustacolouringbook refer to?

This is a reference to the colouring book being more than just a way to pass an hour colouring in the images.

Of course, it can be used that way and we encourage everyone to use the products we provide in a way that is best for the individual.

The concept was born from a place of creative outlet for the user both as a colouring book AND a journal, with blank spaces for drawing, writing, scribbling…whatever the user decides.

Colouring, writing, drawing, along with other creative outlets, can be hugely beneficial to an individual’s mental health. The quiet time and concentration required can be a great way to quiet the mind and rejuvenate while the creative element is fun, chilled, can help with mind development and can even contribute to problem solving skills!

The ‘Dear Friend’ letter, the unique illustrations, the empowering and positive quotes and affirmations throughout the book and combination of journal and colouring book together, all contribute to it being #notjustacolouringbook.

Additionally, our support for mental health is backed by the commitment to provide £1 from every book sold to mental health charities in the UK and Ireland.