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The Power of Play

Wow, what an afternoon. Laughter, giggles, chasing, flying the double bed aeroplane to Spain (we had some turbulence) and running around the bedroom so much that a chill break is now on the cards!

Have you ever felt rubbish, down in the dumps, emotional and just cannot muster the energy to operate, and then suddenly you are drawn into play time…whether by children or grownups? The low vibes melt away and you are suddenly en route to Spain with a four-year-old in your lap experiencing turbulence and a very unskilled eleven year old pilot.

When we speak about mental health and looking after ourselves and our wellbeing there are lots of wonderful things that work. Get out for some fresh air, go for a walk to stimulate your body, take a bubble bath, take a break from social media, meditate, take deep breathes, the list is endless! But one thing that has kept my anxiety and depression at bay for many years is the power of play. It is the reason why creating theatre is such a holistic and healing space for me (and many others) to be in, why getting messy and covered in glue and paint is so much fun, why children have a greater ability to not only escape the pressures of the world but also process the challenges too.

Play time is more powerful than any other form of learning, it allows a processing of imagination to physical manifestation, it offers a space for acceptance, healing and understanding, it opens up conversations and lessons are learned throughout. We learn about other people, we learn about boundaries, we learn about rules and how to challenge them, we expand our ability to dream, to laugh, to feel.

In 2020 I was blessed with a beautiful family, becoming almost a surrogate parent to my partners rug rats. Blessed with two wonderful parents, I get to be an extra addition to their lives and I have the privilege of enjoying their addition to my life. They teach me something every day, they teach me about overcoming obstacles, about creating our own energy, about choosing to show up with love and fun instead of allowing anxiety to rule the roost.

They remind me of the power of play and how important it is to our every day lives. We do not need to be children to play, we can be grown ups and simply enjoy the laughter, allow ourselves to be silly and let the conditions of society fall away.

Every one of us has an inner child within, begging to come out and play, needing love and nurturing, teaching us kindness and acceptance.

Allow your inner child to show more often and allow yourself to experience the power of play.

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